My Name is SNORT  Snort is one of the youngest, smallest, and the smartest.  She is half parrot and half jackel.  She is a coiled spring and the only cat with any sense of balance.  She does not like you to use the bathroom without her attendance.  She enjoys fighting with her brother Fart.  She only likes to drink out of the sinks and tubs and likes to snore while she is awake My Name is DEMONYO  I like attention so much that I will bite the hand that pets me.  My job is to be the second alarm clock.  I don’t know how to pull in my claws but thats all right because it helps me grip bare flesh My Name is SPIKE I was the ugliest kitten ever and looked like the lead gremlin in the movie Gremlins.  Since no one would want me, I stayed on to enrich my master’s lives.  I am now a beautiful swan that has mastered calling for whatever whim I desire.  Do not pick me up if your insurance has a high deductible. Made with Xara My Name is Butters I am mad at just about everything.  I am also alergic to all things not food.  I only love my sister scar and food and maybe scratching and not burrying my poop.  I also play the occasional role of gigilo.  Spike loves me sometimes. My name is Leena I am in charge of whining.  Close the door and I whine.  Pet someone else and I whine.  I want you to pet me, no wait I want to bite you, no wait its pet, naw its bite. I have never been accused of retracting my claws as I need them to cling to bear flesh. I love to fetch and play soccer and occupy space on the lap.