You’ve entered into the magical land of all things Cat Ranching You’ve entered into the magical world of all things Kelly Range Kitties FAKE FACTS This site is dedicated to cat ranching.  Cat ranching is a job that one does not go out in search of.  It is a profession that finds you.  And when it finds you it robs and maimes you and convinces you that you enjoyed it.  The benefits are few but measureable.  How much can be made light of the ability to deal with whatever can come out of a cat.  Urine, feces, spit, its all the same to a seasoned cat rancher.  Cat ranching is not to be confused with cat herding.  Cat herders are down right crazy.  Everyone knows you can’t make a cat go anywhere thus there is no herding.  Ranching on the other hand is all about forsaking your creature comforts for that of the cat.  Providing an area where the cat can range is your primary goal.  Cat ranching can be very soothing as you will go to bed each night knowing you haven’t even cracked the surface on how you can please the cats but by golly you got tired trying.  No expensive vacations to plan, no weekend plans to form, cat ranching takes care of all of that for you by eliminating opportunity. WELCOME